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to return to his birthplace again. And in conclusion he consigned them (the Mexicans) to the care and keeping of Almighty God and Jesus Christ his Son. Thus, poor Santa Anna is again compelled to leave his country, dismayed and broken-hearted.

This evening, as Col. Ward Burnett, Colonel of the New York Regiment, and Major Bowman, of the First Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, were returning from the city of Mexico to San Angel, they were fired upon by a party of guerillas. Our officers succeeded in capturing several of the guilty parties, and brought them to San Angel, and there put them in the guard-house to await their trial. If justice was done to these highway murderers and robbers, they ought to be shot, in place of putting them in the guard-house; or any Mexican who attempts to take the precious life of a soldier in time (as we are now) of peace. If putting them in the guardhouse is to be all the punishment they are to have, the assassinations will be carried on with more vigor than ever.

The revolution in France has caused some little excitement amongst both the officers and soldiers, and are talking about getting up a meeting.

Friday, April 14, 1848.—This morning the Second Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers were paid off. So, of course, they had plenty of cash and plenty to drink, and some found the way into the guard-house for being beastly drunk. In the evening there was a mass meeting in the city of Mexico among the officers in favor of the revolution in France. Gen. Joseph Lane was called to the chair, and he made a telling speech in regard of the revolution and the free France. The utmost enthusiasm prevailed through the whole meeting. The news is now that the great Republic of France has carried the throne.

Saturday, April 15, 1848.—This morning we received the gratifying intelligence that the seven companies belonging to our regiment were at El Penon, and that they will be here in a few hours. So at noon the advance came in, and took up