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made their appearance on the bank. We cheered him three times three. He returned the compliments by taking off his hat and waving of his hand. We also passed several large and splendid plantations, such as sugar and cotton, and could plainly see the darkies (slaves) working in the fields. Their masters or overseers are mostly on horseback, with a heavy whip in hand.

Thursday, June 29, 1848.—This morning about 8 o'clock, a soldier named Robinson, belonging to Company G, First Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, fell overboard, and, before any assistance could be rendered, was drowned. He was a good and faithful soldier, and it seems hard to think that he should lose his life while on his way home.

We arrived at Vicksburg about 8 o'clock in the evening. Here we took on board some disbanded volunteers belonging to the Mississippi cavalry. The citizens are cheering us on our way up.

Friday, June 30, 1848.—This morning we passed several large plantations.

At noon we had a race with another steamboat, but neither could make much headway, although our boat is the fastest, but had to stop several times to take on and leave off passengers and freight.

Saturday, July 1, 1848.—This morning we stopped at Napoleon, and took on Mr. Samuel P. Stickney's circus company.

To-day we passed several small towns, where the people welcomed us by cheers.

In the evening the band belonging to Mr. S. P. Stickney's circus company played several national airs on the hurricane deck, which much delighted all the soldiers.

Sunday, July 2, 1848.—This morning we stopped at Memphis, and landed Stickney's circus company. Here we had an opportunity to run around the city for one hour, and got something to eat, better than government rations.