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Company C, as it was on New Year's Day, January 1, 1848:—

First Lieutenant, Aquilla Haines.
Second Lieutenant, Joseph M. Hall.
First Sergeant, Thomas Zeigle.
Second Sergeant, Joseph Foust.
Third Sergeant, Peter Ahl.
Fourth Sergeant, Christopher Hill.
First Corporal, Joseph Campbell.
Second Corporal, George W. Lewis.
Third Corporal, J. Jacob Oswandel.
Fourth Corporal, Roland C. Malone.
John Bonner, George Nightlinger,
Louis Bymaster, Thomas O'Neil,
Francis Cannon, William Patterson,
John G. Craig, Henry Roscoe,
Charles Collison, George Sutton,
Jeremiah Corson, Samuel Stair,
Daniel Cruthers, John R. Schultz,
George Carey, Morris Stemler,
Alexander Devlin, Allen Swartz,
Gabriel A. Dropsie, Hosea Snethern,
William Donegan, Joseph C. Taylor,
William Fennemore, Theodore Watson,
George W. Haigh, Alburtus Welsh,
Augustus Jordon, Edward Wilson,
George Keime, Ex-Corp. James B. Wilson,
John Kritser, George Wilhelm,
Samuel Linton, Ex-Sergt. Henry Cornish.
John Newman, Total privates, 35.
Transferred to other Company:—
Sergeant David Ackerman, Private John Johnston.
Members of the Company on Detached Duty:—
Alexander Mervine, John Perfect.