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"Going to London?" said the strange boy, when Oliver had at length concluded.


"Got any lodgings?"




The strange boy whistled, and put his arms into his pockets as far as the big-coat sleeves would let them go.

"Do you live in London ?" inquired Oliver.

"Yes, I do, when I'm at home," replied the boy. "I suppose you want some place to sleep in to-night, don't you?"

"I do indeed," answered Oliver. "I have not slept under a roof since I left the country."

"Don't fret your eyelids on that score," said the young gentleman. "I've got to be in London to-night, and I know a' 'spectable old genelman as lives there, wot 'll give you lodgings for nothink, and never ask for the change; that is, if any genelman he knows interduces you. And don't he know me?—Oh, no,—not in the least,— by no means,—certainly not."