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against paupers, or other person or persons trained down for the purpose.

"You are a fool," said Mrs. Bumble, in reply, "and had better hold your tongue."

"He had better have cut it out before he came, if he can't speak in a lower tone," said Monks, grimly. "So he's your husband, eh?"

"He my husband!" tittered the matron, parrying the question.

"I thought as much when you came in," rejoined Monks, marking the angry glance which the lady darted at her spouse as she spoke. "So much the better; I have less hesitation in dealing with two people, when I find that there's only one will between them. I'm in earnest—see here."

He thrust his hand into a side-pocket, and producing a canvass bag, told out twenty-five sovereigns on the table, and pushed them over to the woman.

"Now," he said, "gather them up; and when this cursed peal of thunder, that I feel is