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London General Omnibus Company

"Inasmuch, however, as we are required to select one of the designs as the best of those submitted, considered with regard to your stipulations and wants, we beg leave to point out the design No. 64 sent in by Mr. Miller, of Hammersmith. Inquiry of Mr. Miller, and the examination of a full-sized omnibus built by him (after arriving at this determination) have shown us that if his intentions were more completely expressed in his drawing than is the case, the design would be more worthy of the premium.

"We must repeat that we find no design that we can recommend for adoption intact, or which, to speak truly, is worth the premium offered; but there are points about some of them which, being combined, would aid in producing what you and the public desire—a light, a commodious, and well-ventilated omnibus.

"George Godwin,  
"Joseph Wright,  
"Charles Manby." 

Mr. Miller was awarded the prize, but the directors, acting on the advice contained in the judges' report, had their new omnibuses built