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Cab Fares

not patronised to an extent which makes them profitable to the proprietors and the drivers, they would not be plying for hire. On December 31, 1900, there were 11,252 licensed cabs in London, of which 7531 were two-wheelers and 3721 four-wheelers. There were 13,201 cab-drivers and 2782 proprietors. For each cab a proprietor pays £2 for a police licence, which has to be renewed 12 months after issue, and 15s. to the Inland Revenue on the first day of every year. The driver pays 5s. for his licence, which is renewable 12 months from the day of issue.

At the present day the fares are:—

By Distance.
s. d.
If hired and discharged within the four mile radius, for any distance not exceeding two miles
1 0
For every additional mile or part of a mile
0 6
If hired outside the four-mile radius, wherever discharged, for the first and each succeeding mile or part of a mile
1 0
If hired within, but discharged outside the radius, whole distance not exceeding one mile
1 0
But exceeding one mile, then for each mile ended within the radius 6d., and for each mile or part of a mile outside
1 0