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which die applied as well as the circumstances would allow—if not sufficient to restore consciousness, the little strength remaining was thereby enabled to sustain her until the end of the journey. Not a moment was to be lost and fleetly sped the horses. That the hour should have been chosen when no one was stirring on the grounds, seemed almost an interposition of providential guidance as such an opportunity was seldom presented. The carriage was seen by some of the inmates but Mrs. Carleton was not, and making no stop, it was supposed motives of curiosity brought the travelers there to see the building! As no one had occasion to go to her room until tea time two or three hours after, she was many miles beyond their reach when her absence was discovered by the functionaries in charge.

It so happened that the attendants were unusually engaged that afternoon in preparing for a little entertainment to be held in the evening for the diversion of such of the inmates as were considered in a proper state to participate in it, but Mrs. Carleton knew nothing of it when she wrote her letter, being afterwards informed by her young attendant, whom she encouraged to assist in the preparations thus ensuring her absence; and as she was seldom visited by any one else, she might feel quite sure of being left alone.