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252 W. C. WOODWARD of the Pacific railroad, internal improvements and for a tariff upon imports to meet the current expenses of the government, which should discriminate in favor of home industry. The immediate payment of the Oregon Indian war debt was urged upon Congress. David Logan was nominated for Congress with 32 votes, his nearest competitor being B. J. Pengra of Eugene, editor of a new Republican paper, the People's Press. Dr. W. Warren, Leander Holmes and A. G. Hovey were chosen as delegates to the National Republican convention of 1860, and were in- structed to use their influence for W. H. Seward. 1 H. W. Cor- bett, W. C. Johnson and E. D. Shattuck were elected as a state central committee. Bush, enraged and disgusted over the results of the Demo- cratic Convention, gave the Republicans unwonted considera- tion. He stated that Logan was well known throughout the state and was the strongest man that could have been namedĀ ; that there were some good things in the platform and some "colored" thingsĀ ; but that it was unexpectedly decent to come from such a body as the convention was. 2 In fact, after a week for reflection, Bush began to find fault with the Repub- lican platform because it was so mild and inoffensive. He pointed out at once the singular incongruity between the plat- form and candidate for Congress on the one hand, and the Seward instructions on the other. He said that the platform had no Seward Republicanism in it and that Logan's slavery opinions no more accorded with Seward's than with Garrison's. The opinion was expressed that the platform was three-fourths humbug; that neither it nor the candidate even approached the eastern standard of black Republicanism. Nor did they i The Seward instructions were slipped through rather surreptitiously near the close of the Convention by Pengra, after many delegates had left. See Argus, Oct. 29, 1859. 2 Statesman, April 26. "Logan was nominated by the blacks and Jesse made the best platform that could be constructed out of the materials. I believe he will be elected. The Shannons, English, Cornoyer and all the French are up in arms for Logan." (Referring to the fact that Stout had been a Know Nothing.) "Jo and Ahio Watt are electioneering for Logan in Yamhill so you may know h is broke loose." Nesmith to Deady, April 25.