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REPORT ON OREGON TERRITORY 299 There are four passes through the Rocky Mountains. The one known as McGillivarys Pass, by the Committee's Punch Bowl is very difficult, and can only be used during the sum- mer months, at which time the parties of the Hudson Bay Co. pursue this route. Proceeding south we come to the great district through which Lewis and Clark found their way; and, finally, the two southern routes, which are preferable, susceptible of being used at almost all seasons, and a good wagon road may be con- structed with little expense. This leads to the first post of the Hudson Bay Co., viz, Fort Hall, established by Capt. Wyeth, and has since been trans- ferred to the company, so that it is readily to be perceived that the difficulties of communication with the territory are far less for us than the British. I can not close this report without doing justice to the officers of the Hudson Bay Co.'s service for their kind and gentle- manly treatment to us whilst in the territory, and to bear tes- timony that during all my intercourse with them they seemed to be guided by one rule of conduct, highly creditable to them not only as men of business but to their feelings as gentlemen. They afforded us every assistance that lay in their power, both in supplies and means of accomplishing our duties. There are many persons in the country who bear testimony to the aid and kindness rendered to them in their outset, and of their hospitality it is needless to speak, for it has become proverbial. To conclude, few portions of the globe, in my opinion, are to be found so rich in soil, diversified in surface, or capable of being rendered the happy abode of an industrious and civilized community. For beauty of scenery and salubrity of climate it is not surpassed. It is peculiarly adapted for an agricultural and pastoral people, and no portion of the world beyond the Tropics is to be found that will yield so readily to the wants of man with moderate labor. Respectfully submitted, CHARLES WILKES, Commanding Exploring Expedition.