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POLITICAL PARTIES IN OREGON 303 unquestioned. 1 He delivered a great oration on the succeed- ing fourth of July to which even Bush referred as "eloquent and soul-stirring." 2 His surpassing gift as an orator, com- bined with his personal charm of manner, disarmed political friends of lurking jealousy and softened the opposition of political enemies. "A great change came over the country with the advent of the Colonel." Oregon Republicans now had a distinguished leader who inspired them with confidence and enthusiasm for coming political struggles. The State Democratic Convention met April 17 at Eugene, and was controlled by the Lane Democrats. Six of the eight counties which had withdrawn from the convention the pre- ceding November, were not represented. Delazon Smith was chairman of the committee on platform and resolutions, among the other members being the Democratic editors, James O'Meara and J. H. Slater, and Governor Whiteaker.3 The resolutions merely declared the Cincinnati platform of 1856 to be a true and satisfactory enunciation of the principles of the party. J. W. Drew, of Coos, moved to amend by adding, "as advocated and enunciated by Stephen A. Douglas." The motion was voted down, 60 to 4, which shows clearly the fac- tional status of the Convention. Geo. K. Shell, of Marion county, was nominated for Congressman. Stout was not con- sidered for renomination because, said the Statesman, he had been more faithful to the interests of the state than to those of Lane. The Republicans met in convention April 19. The platform of the preceding year was adopted, with the omission of the Seward instructions.* T. J. Dryer, B. J. Pengra and W, H. Watkins were named for presidential electors. Col. Baker ad- dressed the convention on invitation and was unanimously invited to stump the state in the coming canvass. 1 The incident is recorded by Davenport that during one of Col. Baker's greatest speeches in San Francisco, one of the reporters threw down his pencil, rushed bare-headed into the streets and gesticulating wildly, cried at the top of his voice, "Come in! Come in! The Old Man is talking like a God." 2 Statesman, July 10. 3 Proceedings, Union, April 24 and Statesman, April 24. 4 Proceedings, Argus, April 28.