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316 W. C. WOODWARD . to a vote. The amendment was sustained by a vote of 9 to 6, whereupon the Douglas men withdrew. The committee then issued a call for a state convention to be held at Eugene, September 18, to nominate three presidential electors and to ratify the platform adopted by the Breckinridge Convention at Baltimore. The Douglas members of the central committee also issued a call for a state convention to be held at Eugene on September 19. 1 . The Breckinridge convention, after endorsing Breckin- ridge and Lane and the platform they stood upon, reiterated allegiance to the National platform of 1856 as interpreted by that of 1860, as the only proper solution of the question of slavery in the TerritoriesĀ ; deprecated the "blatant, unprincipled calumniations of the present national administrationĀ ;" declared undiminished confidence in "our esteemed Hero-Citizen", Lane, the true hero of Buena Vista. The sixth and seventh planks expressed the attitude and spirit of the convention toward the other two parties. The sixth "That we are unalterably op- posed to the unconstitutional 'irrepressible conflict' doctrines of the sectional, Black Republican, abolitionized party, which placed the Negro-equality Lincoln in nomination for the Presi- dency." The seventh declared want of confidence in the Doug- las Democratic leaders of the state and declared themselves to "heartily despise and loathe the vile treason, the gross person- alities and the hypocritical teachings of the Oregon Statesman and those who furnish the Judas material for its weekly is- sues." For presidential electors, Delazon Smith, James O'Meara and D. W. Douthitt, were named. Before adjourn- ing, the convention empowered the central committee to act as a conference committee to confer with any committee that might be appointed by the Douglas convention for the purpose of effecting conciliation. But the Douglas Democrats, who met on the following day i Statesman, Aug. 28. Proceedings in Union, Sep. 22.