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320 W. C. WOODWARD for a Democrat and which was eloquent of the spiritual exalta- tion of the combative "Parson" over the result. In speaking of "Our Republican Senator, Col. Baker," he was effervescent. Salem correspondence in the Argus, signed "A. H." deprecated the action of the Oregonian and the Statesman in "toning down" Baker's Republicanism and imputing to him some of the heresies of Douglas in order to justify the actions of the Democrats who voted for him. 1 But this correspondent was evidently one Amory Holbrook, who, having political aspira- tions of his own, was jealous of Baker. As a member of the legislature he had refused to vote for the Colonel, and his de- fection had almost been fatal to the Republican cause he pro- fessed to support. A few weeks later Adams noted that "a sudden anguish has seized hold of a speckled herd of politicians that expresses itself in groanings that evince the most extreme agony." 2 He took such from the disunion Democrats as a matter of course. But in reference to "a weak echo" from a few Douglas organs, he stated plainly that the fusion in June had been made with the distinct purpose which had been embodied in the election ; that some coalition was absolutely necessary to election and the one which took place was the only logical and honorable one. In reply to the charge made against Baker that he was a new comer, Adams answered that he came voluntarily to locate permanently and already had a national reputation, which "isn't like electing a newcomer that nobody knows anything about a second-rate, jack-leg lawyer, that may turn out to be a tool of some disunion scoundrel as your man Stout has done." The Oregonian, now edited by Francis, had taken the same position, but expressed it in more temperate language. 3 Great satisfaction was expressed at the removal of the Lane incubus and honor was done, to the men who achieved it. 4 The People's Press, the other Republican paper in the state, 1 Argus, Oct. 13. 2 Ibid., Oct. 20. 3 Oregonian, Sep. 29. 4 Oregonian, Sep. 29.