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368 W. H. ABBOTT much easier of realization due to his detail knowledge of the various localities. In many counties it is difficult to obtain a map. This should be the opportunity of the Historical Society. The maps which find the greatest sale or any form of distribution will deter- mine the names in that section. Frequently some business house if solicited will print great numbers of county maps with their advertisement on the back and distribute them' free. The Society should print copious notes on the back of the map giving as many historical references as possible so as to excite the interest of each community in the Indian name if it is desired to change the name already partially fixed. The maps should, of course, be the latest that have been gotten out and new editions should be gotten out from time to time bringing them up to date if any changes have been made. The Society should also keep in touch with the great map printing houses furnishing them maps free. It is very easy in this way to be- come the authority for new names in the county and the oppor- tunity frequently arises for changing a name that was re- garded as fixed. In o/ther words the gist of this article is, that if we wiHl make it easier for everybody to find out an Indian name for a locality than some other name, they will use the Indian name.