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50 W. C. WOODWARD its victim." The resolution carried, but only by the close vote of 12 to 10. The vote is significant for it is important to note that thus early is found a dissenting minority in the Democratic ranks which refuses to be drawn to the extreme insisted upon by the radical leaders. In the discussion one member 1 warned his rabid colleagues that the pursuance of the course they were adopting would ruin the Democratic party. His Democracy was immediately challenged by a radical, 2 who insinuated that he was like others in the Territory "who picked up their Democracy as they crossed the Rocky Mountains." The reply is highly suggestive of the high-handed manner in which the ring Democrats promptly read out of the party all those who questioned their methods. The term National Democrats was this early applied to those who desired to base their party allegiance on broader grounds, to distinguish them from the Durham faction or the machine. 3 The action of the legislature was the inspiration of tireless invective on the part of the Oregonian. It charged that the warfare waged against Gaines was for the purpose of deceiv- ing the new immigrants and winning them into the embrace of Durliamism ; 4 that the welfare of the people was neglected and necessary legislative measures stifled for the furtherance of political schemes ; that measures of the Durham members were passed while those of the National Democrats and Whigs were killed with the purpose of killing their authors ; 5 that de- ception, falsehood, villification, and assault were in Oregon synonymous with the word "Democracy," which was but an- other term for "Prattocracy" ; that the sole idea of the political gamblers was that "Prattism must prevail," that they might secure place and power. 6 As has been suggested, there was a strong conviction at the time of the organization of the terri- torial government that offices should be filled by Oregon men iF. A. Chenoweth of Clarke and Lewis counties. 2A. C. Gibbs of Umpqua county. 3Oregonian, January 22, 1853. 4lbid., January 15, 1853. sOregonian, March 5, 1853. 6Ibid., December 25, 1852.