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TABLE OF CONTENTS SUBJECTS PAGES Astor, John Jacob, Some Important Results from the Expeditions of, to and from the Oregon Country. By Frederick V. Holman 206*219 Astoria, A Hero of Old. By Eva Emery Dye 220-223 Born on the Oregon Trail, The First. By T. Neilson Barry 164-170 Columbia River, David Thompson, Pathfinder, and the. By T. C. Elliott. .195-205 Financial History of Oregon. VI. By F. G. Young 87-114 "Fountain" on Powder River, Ogden. By J. Neilson Barry 115-116 Fuca Straits, Early Navigation of the. By Judge F. W. Howay 1-32 Indian Names, Preservation of. By Walter H. Abbott 361-368 "Oregon System," Oregon History for the. By F. G. Young 264-268 Political Parties in Oregon, Rise and Early History of. By Walter Carleton Woodward II, III, IV, V 33-86; 123-163; 225-263; 301-350 Sixty, an Echo of Campaign of. By Lester Burrell Shippee 351-360 Thompson, David, Pathfinder, and the Columbia River. By T. C. Elliott. .195-205 NOTES Apple Tree, the Oldest Seedling, in the Pacific Northwest 120-121 Champoeg, Movement Begun for State Park at 193 Eminent Dead, a Long Roll of 190-192 Eminent Oregpnians, Two, Die 121-122 Flax Culture in Early Days. By Harriet K. McArthur 118-119 Lands, a Constructive Policy With Remaining Oregon, Proposed 117 Lone Tree on Oregon Trail 117-118 Oregon Historical Literature to be Enriched 190 Oregonian, the Great Memorial Issue of the Daily 117 Pioneer Reunion, Thirty-ninth Annual 192-193 DOCUMENTS Gun Powder Story, the. By Archibald McKinlay. Edited by T. C. Elliott. .369-374 Territory of Oregon, Report on the. By Charles Wilkes, Commander of the United States Exploring Expedition. 1838-1842 269*299 REVIEW Leslie M. Scott, Acquisition of Oregon and the Long Suppressed Evidence About Marcus Whitman. By William I. Marshall 375-386 AUTHORS Abbott, Walter H., Preservation of Indian Names 361-368 Barry, T. Neilson, The First-Born on the Oregon Trail 164*170 Ogden "Fountain" on Powder River 115-116 Dye, Eva Emery, A Hero of Old Astoria 220-223 Elliott, T. C., David Thompson, Pathfinder, and the Columbia River 195-205 The Gun Powder Story, by Archibald McKinlay 369-374 Holman, Frederick V., Some Important Results from the Expeditions of John Jacob Astor to and from the Oregon Country 206-219 Howay, Judge F. W., Early Navigation of the Straits of Fuca 1-32 Scott, Leslie M., Review of William J. Marshall's Acquisition of Oregon and the Long-Suppressed Evidence About Marcus Whitman 375-386 Woodward, Walter Carleton, Rise and Early History of Political Parties in Oregon, II, III, IV, V 33-86; 123-163; 225-263; 301-350