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70 W. C. WOODWARD formed by a vile coalition between all the isms, the factions and fanatics in the Territory." 1 In reply Dryer addressed an edi- torial "To the Wrigs." He denies that the issue between Gaines and Lane is Know Nothingism. If the American party had been strong enough it would have run an independent ticket. When the Americans overthrow the Democrats and stand out as a separate party when they declare themselves on the various public issues such as slavery and the Maine Law, the Whigs of Oregon will have a duty to discharge. Until then, let the Whigs discard all affiliations with the Democratic dynasty. The political issues of the campaign were declared to be found in the Viva Voce law the question of free Oregon or slave Oregon, which was the real Nebraska question and internal improvements, including a Pacific Railroad and a Pacific Telegraph. 2 While the Oregonian virtually championed the American cause, it could not speak for all Oregon Whigs. The Multnomah county Whig convention unequivocally disavowed connection with any other party, stoutly maintaining the integrity and principles of Whiggery. Its special aim was declared to be the nomination of Whig candidates to be supported by Whigs. 3 The Americans apparently took the Multnomah Whigs at their word as they put out a ticket of their own, designated as "republican ticket." 4 In Marion county the opposition put out a "Republican Reform ticket". It declared opposition to the "so-called Democracy, regardless of party," supported prohibi- tion and endorsed Gaines." A new factor was introduced into Oregon politics before the close of the campaign in the founding at Oregon City of the Oregon Argus, virtually successor to the Spectator which ex- pired in March of this year. The editor was W. L. Adams or "Parson" Adams, he being a militant Campbellite preacher. Uncompromising, dogmatic, combative and eminently expres- ilbid., May 12. zOregonian, June 2. 3Oregonian, May 12. 4lbid., May 26.