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Page:Ornithological biography, or an account of the habits of the birds of the United States of America, volume 1.djvu/28

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The Virginian Partridge, Perdix virginiana, 388
The Belted Kingsfisher, Alcedo Alcyon, 394
The Great Carolina Wren, Troglodytes ludovicianus, 399
The Tyrant Fly-catcher, Muscicapa tyrannus, 403
The Prairie Titlark, Anthus pipiens, 408
The Original Painter, 410
The Fish Hawk, or Osprey Falco Haliaetus, 415
Whip-poor-will, Caprimulgus vociferus. 422
The House Wren, Troglodytes ædon, 427
The Blue-grey Fly-catcher, Muscicapa cœrulea, 431
The Yellow-throated Warbler, Sylvia pensilis, 434
Louisville in Kentucky, 437
The Black Warrior, Falco Harlani, 441
The Florida Jay, Corvus floridanus, 444
The Autumnal Warbler, Sylvia autumnalis, 447
The Nashville Warbler, Sylvia rubricapilla, 450
The Black-and-white Creeper, Certhia varia, 452
The Eccentric Naturalist, 455
The Broad-winged Hawk, Falco pennsylvanicus, 461
The Pigeon Hawk, Falco columbarius, 466
The Sea-side Finch, Fringilla maritima, 470
The Grass Finch, or Bay-winged Bunting Fringilla graminea, 473
The Yellow-poll Warbler, Sylvia æstiva, 476
Scipio and the Bear, 479
The Columbian Jay, Corvus Bullockii, 483
The Little Screech Owl, Strix Asio, 486
The White-bellied Swallow, Hirundo bicolor, 491
The Cow-pen Bird, Icterus pecoris, 493
The Marsh Wren, Troglodytes palustris, 500
Colonel Boon, 503