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Sylvia Rathbonia.

Adult Male. Plate LXV. Fig. 1.

Bill of ordinary length, nearly straight, subulato-conical, acute, as deep as broad at the base, with sharp edges. Nostrils basal, oval, half concealed by the feathers. Head rather large, neck short, body ovate. Feet of ordinary length, slender; tarsus compressed, covered anteriorly with a few long scutella, acute behind, a little longer than the middle toe; toes free, scutellate above; claws arched, slender, compressed, acute.

Plumage blended, soft, and tufty. Wings of ordinary length, the second quill longest. Tail rather short, nearly even, of twelve obtuse feathers.

Bill yellowish-brown above, yellow beneath. Iris hazel. Feet flesh-colour. The general colour is bright yellow, the upper parts olivaceous. Quills and tail wood-brown, the former yellow on the outer web, the latter margined externally with the same colour.

Length 4+12 inches; bill along the ridge 13, along the gap 512; tarsus 712, middle toe 12.

Adult Female. Plate LXV. Fig. 2.

The female is almost precisely the same in external appearance.

The Ramping Trumpet-flower.

Bignonia capreolata, Willd. Sp. Pl. vol. iii. p. 297. Pursh, Flor. Amer. vol. ii. p. 419.— Didynamia Angiospermia, Linn. Bignoniæ, Juss.

This species is distinguished by its conjugate cirrhous leaves, with oblongo-lanceolate leaflets, which are somewhat cordate at the base, the lower leaves single. The flowers are carmine.