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Page:Ornithological biography, or an account of the habits of the birds of the United States of America, volume 1.djvu/408

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Adult Female. Plate LXXIV. Fig. 4.

Bill light brown, tinged with blue. Iris hazel. Feet yellowish-brown. The general colour is light yellowish-brown, the under parts and the sides of the head lighter; the wings deep brown, margined with lighter. The female is also considerably smaller.

The Wild Sarsaparilla.

Schisandra coccinea, Mich. Flor. Amer. vol. ii. p. 218. Pursh, Flor. Amer. vol i. p. 212.—Pentandria Polygynia, Linn.

A climbing shrubby plant, distinguished by its carmine-coloured flowers, consisting of nine sepals; its numerous, one-seeded berries, and elliptico-lanceolate leaves, acute at both ends, and supported upon a long petiole.