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mixed with pale blue. Lesser wing-coverts reddish-brown, larger coverts edged and tipped with brownish- white, the edge of the wing-joint yellow. Outer margins of the tail-feathers paler. A broad yellow streak from the base of the bill over the eye. Throat and fore-neck greyish-white, with a streak of greyish-blue on each side. Breast and sides dull greyish-blue, the abdomen paler.

There is very little difference between the sexes as to colour or size.

Length 8 inches, extent of wings 11; bill along the ridge 23, along the gap 1.

The Carolina Rose.

Rosa Carolina, Pursh, Flor. Amer. p. 345.—Icosandria Polygynia, Linn. Rosaceæ, Juss.

This beautiful species, which attains a height of five or six feet, is generally characterized by its globose germens, which, with the peduncles, are more or less hispid; its hairy petioles, slightly curved prickles, and oblongo-lanceolate, acute, serrated leaflets, which are glaucous beneath. It varies greatly, however, like many other species of the same genus.