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Dr Stephenson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

T. B. L. L. Baker, Esq. Christ Church, Oxford.

R. H. Hay, Esq. Colonial Office, Downing Street.

Dr Lodge for the University Library, Cambridge.

George Thackeray, D. D., Provost of King's College, Cambridge.

The Cambridge Philosophical Society.

The Fitzwilliam Museum, by M. Davy, Vice-Chancellor.

W. Gambier, Esq. Sacombe Park, near Ware.

Dr Kidd for the Anatomical School, Christ Church, Oxford.

Dr Williams for the Radcliffe Library, Oxford.

David Lyon, Esq. New Norfolk Street.

James Pickering Ord, Esq. Edge Hill, near Derby.

N. A. Vigors, Esq. Bruton Street, London.

The Honourable and Reverend J. G. Grenville, Cambridge.

The Right Honourable Viscount Milton, Grosvenor Place, London.

The Reverend Henry Pearson, Norton Vicarage, near Derby.

M. Feuillet, for the Library of the Royal Institute of France.

Viconte Simeon for the Ministry of the Interior, 6 Copies.

M. Pitois, Paris.

M. J. P. Redouté, Paris.

Mrs Warden, London.

Mr Hearne, Bookseller, Strand, London.

James Knight, Esq. Rhual, Flintshire.

Henry Ellison, Esq. Beverley, Yorkshire.

Joseph Elgin, Esq. Coltingham, Yorkshire.

John Sharpe, Esq. Northwick Terrace, Edgeware Road.

Benjamin Smith, Esq. London.

Miss Rhodes, Park Place, Leeds, Yorkshire.

The Right Honourable Viscount Kingsborough, London.

Messrs Treuttel and Wurtz, Booksellers, London.

The Right Honourable the Earl of Bradford, Pall Mall, London.

George Humphreys, Esq. Oxford Road, Manchester.

Thomas Frost, Esq. Gorton Hall, near Manchester.

John Potts, Esq. New Mills, near Manchester.

John G. Reeves, Esq. Birmingham.

P. Hussey, Esq. Wyeslely Grove, near Walsall, Staffordshire.

The Birmingham Old Library, by Beilby, Knott, and Beilby.

Thomas Barker, Esq. Oldham, Manchester.

Joseph C. Dyer, Esq. Manchester.

John Kennedy, Esq. Manchester.

Benjamin Gott, Esq. Armley House, Leeds.

Messrs Longman & Company, Booksellers, London.

Mr Alexander Barclay, Bookseller, York.

Thomas Walker, Esq. Ravenfield, near Doncaster.

George Lamb Fox, Esq. Yorkshire.

George H. Head, Esq. Banker, Carlisle.