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Orphee aux Enfers.



Or.Ah! is it thus?

Eu.It is thus, my friend.

Or.As a husband you deceive me.

Eu.Yes, my friend.

Or.As an artist, you despise me.

Eu.Yes, my dear friend,
The violinist
Is very trist.
The instrumentist
Is a great bore,
And the instrument
Displeases me mightily.

Or.I shall take revenge
On thy insolence.

Eu.Tell me how, please.

Or.I will, my darling friend,
Play for thee, instanter,
A great master-piece,
My last concerto.

Eu.Have pity on me.

Or.No, I shall not tarry,
It is the climax of art,
And only lasts one hour and a quarter.

Eu.One hour and a quarter!

Or.At least.

Eu.I shall not listen.

Or.Thou shalt listen! (Plays on the violin.)


Or.It is adorable,
It is delectable,
It is ravishing,
It is astounding.

Eu.It is deplorable,
It is miserable,
It is abominable,
It is irritating.

Or.What a charming concerto.

Eu.It is horrible,
It is terrible.

Or.What a tremolo! rinforzando,
Presto, presto, pianissimo,

Eu. Venus, beautiful goddess, rid me from the aimable Orpheus, and I will sacrifice ten lambs whiter than milk.

Or. Jupiter, my lord, rid me from my tender Eurydicea, and I will sing for thee forever on my lyre. Madam, I am a slave to public opinion, but I have sworn to kill all your admirers.

Eu. All right then. Let us separate.