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The Portugueze navigate the Eastern Seas: The Gods hold their Council: Bacchus opposeth himself to this navigation: Venus and Mars favour the navigators: They arrive at Mozambíque, the Governor whereof attempteth to destroy them: Encounter and first military Action of our People with the Gentiles: They weigh anchor; and, passing Quiloa, they ride in the roadstead of Mombasah.


Fazem Concilio os deoscs na alta Côrte,
Oppoem-se Baccho á Lusitana gente,
Favorece-a Venus, e Mavorte,
E em Moçambique lança o ferreo dente:
Depois de aqui mostrar ssu brço forte,
Destruindo, e matando juntamente,
Torna as partes buscar da roxa Aurora,
E chegando a Mombaça surge fora.

The Gods hold council Heaven's high court within,(20—41)

Bacchus our Lusian braves to thwart doth seek
Who meed of Mars, and grace of Venus gain,

Till cast the ferreous tooth in Mozambíque:

Thence, when their arm of pow'r display'd had been,
Death and destruction on the foe to wreak;

Fareth the fleet where red Aurora bideth;
And, reach'd Mombasah-town, outside it rideth.(103)