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The Lusiads.

Incline awhile, I pray, that majesty9
which in thy tender years I see thus ample,
E'en now prefiguring full maturity
that shall be shrin'd in Fame's eternal temple:
Those royal eyne that beam benignity
bend on low earth: Behold a new ensample
of hero hearts with patriot pride inflamèd,
in number'd verses manifold proclaimèd.

Thou shalt see Love of Land that ne'er shall own10
lust of vile lucre; soaring towards th' Eternal:
For 't is no light ambition to be known
th' acclaimèd herald of my nest paternal.
Hear; thou shalt see the great names greater grown
of Vavasors who hail thee Lord Supernal:
So shalt thou judge which were the higher station,
King of the world or Lord of such a nation.

Hark; for with vauntings vain thou shalt not view11
phantastical, fictitious, lying deed
of lieges lauded, as strange Muses do,
seeking their fond and foolish pride to feed:
Thine acts so forceful are, told simply true,
all fabled, dreamy feats they far exceed;
exceeding Rodomont, and Ruggiero vain,
and Roland[1] haply born of Poet's brain.

  1. Ariosto, i. 2, etc.