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The Lusiads.

Friendly the message which the foemen brought,105
beneath whose surface covered venom lay;
for deadly hostile was their ev'ry thought
and soon the hidden fraud uncover'd they.
Oh dreadful dangers with destruction fraught!
Oh line of life-tide, never certain way!
where'er his dearest hope poor mortal hoardeth,
such scant security life e'er affordeth.

By sea such tempests, such sore injury,106
with Death so often showing near and sure!
By land such warfare, such foul treachery,
so much of curst necessities t' endure!
Ah! where shall weary man take sanctuary,
where live his little span of life secure?
and 'scape of Heav'n serene th' indignant storms
that launch their thunders at us earthen worms?