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  1. The wreck of the Polly Frontispiece
  2. facing page
  3. Seamanship was helpless to ward off the attack of the storm that left the brig a sodden hulk 8
  4. Fresh water trickled from the end of the pistol-barrel, and they caught it in a tin cup 16
  5. Volusia off Salem, built at Falmouth, Mass., in 1801, and Wrecked at Cape Cod in 1802 20
  6. The pirate captain boarding the captured Exertion 29
  7. Armed with as many of the aforementioned weapons as they could well sling about their bodies 33
  8. Boats were filled with men whose only thought was to save their skins 56
  9. The brig, which had made a long tack and was now steering straight toward the raft 64
  10. Governor Glass and his residence 97
  11. Woodard raised his empty hands to ask for peace and mercy 112
  12. Wreck of the Grosvenor on the coast of Caffraria 144
  13. Early American ship of the 18th Century 176
  14. Perilous situation of the ship 224
  15. The Charlemagne, a New York packet ship 272
  16. Brig Topaz of Newburyport, built in 1807 305
  17. The brig Olinda of Salem, built in 1825 352
  18. Taking on the pilot in the 18th Century 384