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I. Our Destroyers in the War-Zone 1

II. Fetching in the Convoys 21

III. The Submarine that surrendered 43

IV. The Hazards of the Game 62

V. The Navy Ashore in Ireland 84

VI. Down in a Yankee Submarine 99

VII. Submarine against U-Boat 120

VIII. Over and under the North Sea 139

IX. Trawlers Home from Seaward 158

X. Off the Bold Headlands of France 184

XI. At Sea with "The Suicide Fleet" 204

XII. Brave Breton Ports and People 222

XIII. The Sublime Spirit of Dunkirk 236

XIV. Guarding the Strait of Dover 268

XV. When the Battleships move out 289

XVI. The Hun at his Worst 306

XVII. Admirals of the War-Zone 329

XVIII. Merchant Ships and Navy Gunners 350

XIX. Fighting as long as she floats 371

XX. "Hurrah, we're Outward-Bound!" 386