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"The cheerful community of the polypody" Frontispiece
From a photograph by Miss Madeline Smith.
New York Fern xvi
"The greatest charm the ferns possess is that of their surroundings" 12
From a photograph by Mr. Augustus Pruyn.
Fiddleheads 18
Fragile Bladder Fern 19
Crested Shield Fern 20
Purple Cliff Brake 22
Ternate Grape Fern 24
Evergreen Wood Fern 27
Sensitive Fern 55
Cinnamon Fern 60
Royal Fern 68
Interrupted Fern 74
Climbing Fern 75
Rattlesnake Fern 80
Slender Cliff Brake 89
"The unpromising wall of rock which rose beside us" 94
From a photograph by Miss Ledyard.