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Our Garden Flowers


Author of "Our Native Trees" and "Our Northern Shrubs." With 96 full-page illustrations from photographs and 186 illustrations from drawings. Crown 8vo, $2.00 net; postage extra.

A popular study of the life histories of familiar flowers, their structural affiliations, their native lands, that has those qualities of clearness, thoroughness, and charm of style that have made her other books famous.

It is beautifully illustrated.

"This book," says its author in her preface, "is the outcome of a life-long search for a volume with which one might make a little journey into the garden, and become acquainted with the dwellers therein; their native land, their life history, their structural affiliations.

"Among the many species of a genus it has often been necessary to select but one for description. As a rule the choice has been either the typical form, or the one longest in cultivation, or the greatest favorite.

"While it has been the aim to make the book a fairly complete study of all the annual and perennial flowering herbs commonly found in a hardy garden, it is by no means intended to be a catalogue."

Full of practical, tested, systematically arranged, and well indexed information.