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Graunt's Observations.

well as consequent, might be compared with the whole 20, each of the 5 Quaternions, and each of the 22 single years.

The last Column contains the total of all the 15 Quaternions, or 25 years[1].

The Number 229250 is the total of all the Burials in the said 20 years, as 34190 is of the Burials in the said three distant years. Where note, that the 13 of the latter total is 11396, and the 120 of the former is 11462; differing but 66 from each other in so great a sum, videlicet scarce 1200 part. |149|

The Table of Burials and Christnings, consisting of 7 Columns.

IT is to be noted, that in all the several Columns of the Burials those dying of the Plague are left out, being reckoned all together in the sixth Column: whereas in the original Bills, the Plague and all other diseases are reckoned together, with mention how many of the respective totals are of the Plague.

Secondly, From the year 1642 forwards, the accompt of the Christnings is not to be trusted, the neglects of the same beginning about that year: for in 1642 there are set down 10370, and about the same number several years before, after which time the said Christnings decreased to between 5000 and 6000, by omission of the greater part.

Thirdly, The several Numbers are cast up into Octonaries, that Comparison may be made of them as well as of single years. |150|

The Table of Males and Females, containing 5 Columns.

First, The Numbers are cast up for 12 years; videlicet from 1629, when the distinction between Males and Females first began, until 1640 inclusive, when the exactness in that Accompt ceased.

  1. Should be "five quaternions or twenty years."