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Another Essay.

4.By the Flooring of the same.5.By the Number of Days-work, or Charge of Building the said Houses.6.By the Value of the said Houses, according to their Yearly Rent, and Number of Years Purchase.7.By the Number of Inhabitants; according to which latter sense only, we make our Computations in this Essay.

Till a better Rule can be obtained, we conceive that the Proportion |7| of the People may be sufficiently Measured by the Proportion of the Burials in such Years as were neither remarkable for extraordinary Healthfulness or Sickliness.

That the City hath Increased in this latter sense, appears In what Measures the City hath Increased. from the Bills of Mortality, represented in the two following Tables, viz. One whereof is a continuation for Eighteen years, ending 1682, of that Table which was Published in the 117th. pag. of the Book of the Observations upon the London Bills of Mortality, Printed in the Year 1676. The other sheweth what Number of People dyed at a Medium of two Years, indifferently taken, at about Twenty Years distance from each other. |8|

The first of the said two Tables.
1 7761 is a misprint for 761, which is the reading of the second edition and corresponds to the footing.