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London and Paris.


of 15 out of the best. Moreover the Burials of Paris are 15 part above and below the Medium, but at London not above 112, so as the intemperies of the Air at Paris is far greater than at London.

8. The Fuel cheaper, and lies in less room, the Coals being an |16| wholesome sulphurous bitumen.

9. All the most necessary sorts of Victuals, and of Fish, are cheaper, and Drinks of all sorts in greater variety and plenty.

10. The Churches of London we leave to be judg'd by thinking that nothing at Paris is so great as St. Paul's was, and is like to be, nor so beautifull as Henry the seventh's Chapel.

11. On the other hand, 'tis probable, that there is more Money in Paris than London, if the publick Revenue (grosly speaking, |17| quadruple to that of England) be lodged there.

12. Paris hath not been for these last 50 years so much infested with the Plague as London; now that at London the Plague (which between the year 1591 and 1666, made 5 returns, viz. every 15 years, at a Medium, and at each time carried away 15 of the People) hath not been known for the 21 years last past, and there is a visible way by Gods ordinary Blessing to lessen the same by ⅔ when it next appeareth[1].

13. As to the Ground upon which Paris stands in respect of London, we say, that if there be 5 Stories |18| or Floors of Housing at Paris, for 4 at London, or in that proportion, then the 82 thousand Families of Paris, stand upon the equivalent of 65 thousand London Housteds, and if there be 115 thousand Families at London, and but 82 thousand at Paris, then the proportion of the London Ground to that of Paris is as 115 to 65, or as 23 to 13.

14. Moreover Paris is said to be an Oval of 3 English Miles long and 2½ broad, the Area whereof contains but 5½ square Miles; but London is 7 Miles long, and 1¼ broad at a Medium, which makes an Area of near 9 square Miles, which proportion of 5½ to 9 differs little from that of 13 to 23. |19|

  1. Probably an allusion to Petty's plan 'Of Lessening ye Plagues of London.' See Verbum Sap., p. 109, note.