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Five Essays.

3. That the same 2 English Cities seem equivalent

To Paris, which hath 488 thous. Souls.
To Rouen 66
To Lyons 100
To Thoulose 90
In all 744

If there be any Errour in these Conjectures concerning these Cities of France, we hope they will be mended by those whom we hear to be now at work upon that matter[1]. |40|

4. That the King of England's 3 Cities, viz.

m. m.
London 696 exceed Paris 488
Dublin 69 Amsterdam 187
Bristoll 48 Venice 134
—— ——
in all 813 being but 809

5. That of the 4 great Emporiums, London, Amsterdam, Venice and Rouen, London alone is near double to the other 3, viz. above 7 to 4.

Amsterdam 187 m.
Venice 134 387
Rouen 66 2
774 Lond. 696 m. |41|

6. That London (for ought appears) is the greatest and most considerable City of the World, but manifestly the greatest Emporium.

When these Assertions have past the Examen of the Critiques, we shall make another Essay, shewing how to apply those Truths to the Honour and Profit of the King and Kingdom of England[2]. |42|

  1. See p. 525, note.
  2. Failing health and interest in his Treatise of Ireland, printed in this volume, probably prevented Petty from writing the promised essay.