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Treatise of Ireland.

17. That when the Trade of 6 Millions-worth of Cattle is made so Simple, Easy, and Constant, in the Breeding, Feeding, and Vending the same; the Value of the said Stock of Cattle must needs be rais'd thereby to at least 16 Part more, and become worth 7 Millions; especially if the Interest of Money shall fall from 3 to 2, or from 10 per Cent, to 6l. 13s. 4d.

18. When there shall be but 300 Thousand Souls in Ireland, and those all Herdsmen and Dairy-Women (whereas there are now 1300 Thousand of higher Quality) the Charge of the Clergy there will not be so great by 100 Thousand Pounds per Ann. as now: It being now about 120 Thousand Pounds per Ann. in Church-Lands, and appropriate Tyths.

19. The Charge of the Civil Government in Ireland, under the Paucity and Simplicity of the People abovementioned, being but[1] a Kind of Factory, needs be but 15 of what it is at present, or about 5000 Thousand £ per Ann. For then the horrible Expence of Law-Suits will be almost abolish'd.

20. The King's Revenue of England is suppos'd to be 1800 Thousand Pounds per Ann. That of Ireland 270 Thousand neat: And that of Scotland 130 Thousand; In all 2 Millions 2 hundred Thousand Pounds.


The 6 first mention'd Points are proved out of the 20 Suppositions or Assertions next before-going. (vizt)

AS to the first Point or Advantage: Which is that, granting the Catholicks in Ireland are to all others as 8 to one, or rather as 1157 Thousand to 143 Thousand, the whole People being 1300 Thousand Souls: We say that when a Million are Transported out of Ireland into England, the Proportions now and then are, and will be, as in the Table following, vizt

  1. 'but' inserted by Petty.