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Treatise of Ireland.

Thousand Pounds, and the Rent of the Housing to be neglected, not above 200 Thousand Pounds per Ann. in all 2 Millions. The Expence of 1300 Thousand People (at 5/. per Head per Ann. one with another) is 6½ Millions: Out of which deducting the said 2 Millions for the Lands, Housing and Stock, the Remainder is 4½ Millions: Which, at 20 Year's Purchase is worth 90 Millions: And if 1300 Thousand People be worth 90 Millions, each Head must be worth very near 70 Pounds[1].

An ordinary Artisan earns 20d. per Diem, or 26l. per Ann. and may live very well upon 12l. and save 14l. per Ann. Which, at 10 Year's Purchase for a Life, makes 140l. the Double of 70l., the Medium between [2] & 140.

If the Rents of the Lands of England and Wales be 11 Millions, when the People are but 7 Millions, then the Addition of another Million will make the Rents 17 Part more than now, and the Number of Year's Purchase will be 17 more also: So as the Land will rise from 7 Times 7 (which is 49) to 8 Times 8 (which is 64) or from about 3 to 4, by Adding a Million of Hands: And consequently if the Lands of England be worth 11 Millions per Ann. they are, at 20 Year's Purchase, worth 220 Millions now: And being improved in the Proportion of 49 to 64, or from 3 to 4, they will be worth 73 Millions more than now, answerable to the value of Additional Hands afore-mentioned.

4.Nor is it difficult to believe, That People, who may live in England upon 6l. 13s. 4d. per Ann. may earn so much, and 3l. 10s. 0d. more per Ann. At which Rate a Million of People make 3½ Millions of Superlucration per Ann.

As to the next Point, that Ireland may send into England 1½ Millions worth of Commodities, receiving nothing back: I say that if Ireland be Stock'd with 6 Millions of Great Cattle or Beeves, That ¼ of them or 1500 Thousand, being Milch-Cows, will yield Butter and Cheese worth 24 shill. per Ann. apiece In all 1800 Thousand Pounds. And that 15 of them be Yearly

  1. Cf. note 2, p. 454.
  2. A blank in the MS., opposite which the copyist set a 'q' in the margin. Zero might have been inserted.