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Treatise of Ireland.

for one of Warr, the said 3 Years Overplus will be 3324 Thousand Pounds; which, added to 2676 Thousand Pounds, will make a Bank of 6 Millions Pounds for the one Year of War.

6. That the said 2676 Thousand Pounds per Ann. will not be the 120 Part of the Expence of the Nation; and therefore so far from being intolerable, that it will scarce be a sensible Burthen.

7. That what was said of Bringing a Million of People into England out of Ireland, and Leaving 300 Thousand Heardsmen &c. behind; may be apply'd to Scotland, by bringing 300 Thousand People out of the High-Lands into the Low-Lands or England, and leaving 100 Thousand Herdsmen behind in the High-Lands, or Northermost Third Part of that Countrey.

8. Upon this Transplantation, join'd with the former, the People inhabiting in England and Wales, and the Low-Lands of Scotland, will be 9300 Thousand; And their Expence, at 6l. 13s. 4 d. per Head will be 62 Millions per Ann. the 120 Part whereof is above 3 Millions per Ann. and much above the 2676 Thousand Pounds above-mentioned for the Public Revenue.

9. When the whole People shall be 9300 Thousand, as above-said, the English, Scotch, and Irish, Catholicks, living among them, will be near 920 Thousand, or near 110 of the whole, whilst in the High-Lands of Scotland there may be no Catholicks at all, keeping 267 Thousand in Ireland.

10. The above-mentioned Provision of 6 Millions for a Year of Warr will maintain triple the greatest Land-Army and Sea-Fleet, that have (at any Time) been seen in or about England, with all the Civil Charges beside.

11. There will be, in this new Kingdom of 9300 Thousand Inhabitants about 2300 Thousand Males naturally able to bear Arms, of which the 110 Part, or 230 Thousand may be spared and supported for the Purpose, being enough for the greatest Extremity in view.

12. The Church-Lands and Tyths in England will by this Transplantation improve, as all other Lands, from 49 to