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Treatise of Ireland.

is (Generally speaking) Triple to the same, and should in this case be 15 Millions more.

But where Land is cheap, the Rent is scarce 15 and the Labor is above 35. Wherefore we say in Ireland the Expence of the People is 6500 Thousand Pounds, the Rent of Land almost 15 of the same, or 1200 Thousand Pounds: The Labor of the People to the said Rent as 7 to 2, or 4200 Thousand Pounds. And the rest, being 1100 Thousand Pounds, for the Interest of the Stock of all sorts.

And in England the Expence of the People is 47 Millions, the Rent of the Land 11 Millions; the Labor of the People to the said Lands as 5 to 2, or 27½ Millions of the whole: And the remaining 8½ Millions, is for the Interest of the Stock or Personal Estates. So as when England shall gain 17 Part of 11 Millions by the Rent of Land, it shall gain 514 of the same Summ by the Labor of the People, vizt. about 3 Millions and 920 Thousand Pounds per Annum.[1]

An Appendix of Objections to this Essay, with Answers to the same.

First that the Transplantation of a Million of People is Impracticable and Utopian.


1st. It has been already said that the Charges thereof needs not to exceed 20 Shillings per head at a Medium between Poor and Rich, Great and Small; and from the Middle of Ireland to the Middle of England supposed to be 120 Miles of Land in[2] Distance.

2. Forty small Vessels of about Sixty Tuns each (which are easily had) will perform this whole Work in Five Year's Time.

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