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Decays of Ireland.


the Value of the extraordinary Expence of Foreign Goods in that Year 1685.

7. So as the extraordinary Expence of Beer, Ale, Wine, and Foreign Commodities was 125,390l. in the Year 1685.

8. By the same Method of Computation the extraordinary Expence upon the 3 last aforementioned Heads A° 1686 was of Beer and Ale (nothing of Wine) about 20000l., of Foreign Commodities 51582l.: In all 71582l.

9. The extraordinary Expence in the Year 1684 were also considerable (the Causes whereof I do not meddle with) vizt in Beer and Ale 73912l.: in Wine 10000l.: in Foreign Goods 13902l.: In all 97814l.

10. The said extraordinary Expence was in 1684, 97814l.; A° 1685, 126390l.; and A° 1686, 71582l.: And in all the said Three Years 294786l. Besides 106000l. guessed to be for Inland Superfluities.

Observations upon the Table B.

1. The said Table containeth 9 Quarters of a Year, whereof in the 3 first Quarters, or first Ternary, the Customs inwards were 33291l., and outwards 20473l.; and in the last 3 of the said 9 Quarters or 3d Ternary, the Customes inwards were 38363l. and outwards 36149. The Difference in the outward Ternaries is 15676l., which multiplied by 12 (the Value of Exported Goods being 12 Times as much as their Duties) gives 188,112l., as the probable Value of the extraordinary exported Goods in the said 3 last Quarters. Moreover the Difference between the Duties upon Imported Goods in the said 2 Ternaries is 5071l., which multiply'd by 4 gives 20284l., The probable Value of the extraordinary Quantity of imported Goods. Now deducing the said 20284l. out of 188,112l., the Remainder is 167,828l.: the probable Value of the Goods exported above what was imported.

Observations on the Table C.

That the whole Revenue is more in the Lady-Day-Quarter 1687, than in the same Quarter 1686, by about 111 Part. But the Revenue upon the particular Branches of Prisage, Excise