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Treatise of Ireland.

6. All which put together exceeds 140 Millions, and cures a cruel Calamity of above 500 Years old.

To Conclude, if this Notion (such as it is) pretending to so much General Good, shall not be examined and confuted within some reasonable Time, we shall be emboldened to frame another Essay
Shewing that the King of England's Territories and Subjects are (as to their intrinsic Weight, Force, and Substance) little inferior to the same of France, without any Detraction from that Glorious Kingdom[1].


If in this Jealous Age this Essay should be taxed of an Evil Design to Wast and Dispeople Ireland, We say that the Author of it intends not to be Felo de se, and propound something quite contrary, by Saying it is naturally possible in about 25 Years to double the Inhabitants of Great Britain and Ireland and make the People full as many as the Territory of those Kingdoms can with tolerable Labor afford a competent Livelihood unto: Which I prove thus, (vizt)

1. The sixth Part of the People are teeming Women of between 18 and 44 Years old.

2. It is found by Observation That but 13 Part or between 30 and 40[2] of the teeming Women are Marryed.

3. That a Teeming Woman, at a Medium, bear a child every two Years and a half.

4. That in Mankind at London, there are 14 Males for 13 Females, and because Males are prolific 40 Years, and Females but 25, there are in Effect 560 Males for 325 Females.

5. That out of the Mass of Mankind there dyes one out of 30 per Annum.

6. That at Paris, where the Christnings and the Births are the same in Number, the Christnings are above 18000 per Annum, and consequently the Births at London, which far exceed the Christnings there, cannot be less than 19000 where the Burials are above 23000.

  1. Perhaps the Political Arithmetick.
  2. i.e. in 100.