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Treatise of Ireland.

the Public Revenue, taken by the said new State for the said Time, amounted to 5 or 600000l. That the Value of the 34000 Men, sent into the Service of Foreign Princes, were worth above 1200000l., and that the 600000 Subjects, which the Kingdom had less in the Year 1653, than they might have had (had not the Warrs begun by the Irish hinder'd their Increase) at 70l. per Head, were worth 42 Millions, or 140 Times the whole Value of the Forfeited Lands.

10. Lastly, the Soldiers who actually conquer'd Ireland said that their Debenturs amounted[1] 1160000l., or Quadruple the Value of the Forfeited Lands.

A. Oh, I am amazed, It seems to me that all these Claims do amount to near 200 Times the Value of the Forfeitures.

B. They do so. But perhaps they will say, The Number of the King's Subjects lessen'd by the Wars, was not 600000 Heads. I believe, indeed, the Value of each Head at a Medium is about 70l.

A. And so do I. But pray make it out that the Number of wanting Subjects is 600000.

B. I cannot well undertake it, but will tell you what I remember to have heard upon this Subject, vizt. It is allowed That the present Number of People of Ireland is 1300000, That they are increased, since the Year 1653, by Comers out of Scotland and England, 50000[2]; And by the ordinary Course of Generation in 34 Years 350000 more.

A. I find by Grant's Observations, That they do not increase in England so fast.

B. Very likely. For in England, the Proportion of Marry'd Teeming Women, is not so great as in Ireland; Where they marry upon the first Capacity, without staying for Portions, Jointures, Settlements, &c. Well, let it pass for the present, That the People Aº 1653, were 900000, I will prove it better at our next meeting. I say further, That the People Aº 1641 were 1400000, And that they would have increased, had not the Warrs hindered, to 1500000 in the 12 Years between 41 and 53, and the Difference between 15 and 9 is 600000, as was propounded.

  1. Sc. 'to.'
  2. MS., '500000' altered to '50000.' Nevertheless 500000 is the figure consistent with Petty's calculation, cf. pp. 610–611.