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Distribution of the Forfeited Lands.


1538000. Now the Difference between 1538000[1] and 985000[1] is 553000[1]. So as of the 985000[1] last Mentioned we need suppose but 470000 (sic) to have come out of England and Scotland in 35 Years; And then the Assertion, that the King has lost 600000 Subjects by the Irish Commotions is well justify'd.

I know these are not so perfect Demonstrations as are required in pure Mathematicks; but they are such as our Superiors may work with, as well as Wheelwrights and Clockmakers do work without the Quadrature of a Circle. For to have been more Nice or Punctilious in them, had been the same Excess, as if a Painter should work a large high Altar-Piece in Miniature: Whereas the gross Image of this Affair lyes in Saying, that the Irish changed the Monarchy into Democracy, which cost the Crown of England 600000 People, worth 42 Millions of Money.

A. You have said more than I thought could have been said: But remember, I must have another Bout with you about this Matter. You told me how many Claimants there were for this 300000l. worth of Forfeited Lands: Pray proceed to tell me how the same was Actually dispos'd of by the Acts of Settlement and Explanation, keeping to the Supposition, That the Whole was but 300000l.

B. You come a little too suddenly upon me; I cannot tell you all these Things without Book, but will give you the best Guess I can, which is

1. That the Adventurers (of the said 300000l.) had 43000l.

2. That 155000l. were given to the Soldiers.

3. That out of the Adventurers and Soldiers which had been Regicides, 20000l. was given to the Duke of York; and that Obnoxious Men of both Sorts gave 4000l. to be shelter'd by Favourites.

4. The Church and Colledge of Dublin, and other Publick Uses had about 8000l., and the 49 Officers 32000l.

5. Protestant Sufferers, Servitors, and Favourites had the rest, or 38000l.

A. But what did all the Claymants, you just now mention'd, say to this Shrinking of their Hopes into a Welshman's Button?

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 MS. in each case has a superfluous 0 erased by Petty.