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The Down Survey.


more particularly, after ten Year's Examination of the same by the Act of Explanation in the 22d and 23d Pages thereof: And hath been before and since the Rule and Standard of the greatest Transactions in Ireland.

This Survey was performed by Measuring as much Line by the Chain (and Measuring about 20 Angles within every Mile's Space by the Circumferenter) as would encompass the Globe of the Earth 8 Times about in it's greatest Circle. Now if we may allow him to gain 1000l. for Measuring each Time about the World (his Accounts amounting to 9000l.) then the said Gain, lay'd out in forfeited Lands at half a Crown the Acre (which was the fair Market-Rate, as hath been elsewhere proved) then Sr. Wm. Petty might have 70000 Acres for his Work, worth at 2s. the Acre 7000l. per Ann.

Memorandum, That if he had gotten more than is here mentioned, he need not have been a Knave thereby: For he had Aº 1657 4000/. in Money more than the 9000l. that he got by the Survey. But if he has a less Estate than aforesaid, he was a Fool or unfortunate pro tanto. I further say, That the Lands belonging to the Catholicks Aº 1641 were near 5 Millions of Irish Acres, or 8 Millions of English Acres profitable, with 3 Millions more in Rivers, High-ways, Loughs, Bogs, Rocks, and barren Mountains. And the Charge of the said Admeasurement was 24000l. or little above 40s. per Thousand Acres, and little above one half-penny per Acre Rough and Smooth. And if the said Survey be computed at 200000 English Miles, which will encompass the World 8 Times about; Then, allowing half a Crown or 2s. 4d. for Measuring an English Mile (with perhaps 20 Angles in the same) or about Ten Groats for an Irish Mile, the Charge of the said Survey[1] will not amounts (sic) to 25000l., which is more than was given for the same.

A. Pray proceed to the Cases of other Men, who have got great Estates by the Settlement.

B. In answer to your Desire, I will name you about 25 of the greatest Gainers by the Settlement: Protesting against having any Prejudice against any of them. And must first

  1. MS., 'same' altered by Petty to 'said Survey.'