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Treatise of Ireland.

told me what the English and Protestants have lost, so repeat (if you please) what the Irish Catholicks have got by the Rebellion, or what else you will call it?

B. As to the Name Rebellion, I matter it not, That which the Irish did amiss in was, as I apprehend, The Changing the English Monarchy into a Democracy; The Placing Supremacy into a Confederacy of Roman Catholicks to the Wrong and Blemish of that Religion, and the Extorting from the King (in duress) the Articles of Aº 1648: All which is plain-intelligible English of which there is no Doubt

The Particulars by which the Irish gain'd are these; vizt.

1. By the Robberies and Plunderings of the English before the Genl Assembly. 600000l.
2. By Usurpation of the King's Revenue for above 8 Years. 500000l.
3. By Usurpation of the Church-Lands and Livings for the same Time. 900000l.
4. By Exportation of 34000 Men at 40l., per Head. 1300000l.
5. By Improvements upon Restor'd Lands. 1200000l.
In all 4500000l.

Now tho' the Value of the forfeited Lands were Aº 1641, 3600000l., Yet it must be understood that 1112 Parts thereof was lost by Common Calamity, and onely 300000l. (the Value of the same Aº 1653) was lost by Penalty or Forfeiture, which is but the 15th Part of what they gained, as aforesaid.

A. I do not see that those, that lost their Lands, got any Part of the 4500000l., above-mentioned.

B. Truely, I believe not. For I think the 600000l. got by Plundering, was immediately and lewdly spent by the Plunderers themselves. That the King's and Church's Revenue might have been spent upon the Common Cause. That the Gain upon the 34000 exported Men, redounded to the Exportees themselves, and to their Conductors and Commanders. That the Improvements accrewed to the Restorees onely. But all that is nothing: For all the Confederate