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Bibliography of the Printed Writings of

[14.]Experiments to be made relating to Land-Carriage, proposed by the learned Sr. William Petty Kt. In Philosophical Transactions, Vol. xiv., no. 161, pp. 666—667, 20 July, 1684.

[15 a.]Some Queries whereby to Examine Mineral Waters by the Learned Sir William Petty Knight. In Philosophical Transactions. Vol. xiv., no. 166, pp. 802—803, 20 December, 1684.

[15b.]32: Quaeres for the Tryal of Mineral Waters; by the Honourable Sir William Petty, Knight. In The Natural History of Wiltshire by John Aubrey, R.S.S. edited by John Britton.

Published by the Wiltshire Topographical Society. London. MDCCCXLVII [1847]. 4º.—pp. 26.

[16.]A Miscellaneous Catalogue of Mean, vulgar, cheap and simple Experiments. Drawn up by Sr. William Petty, President of the Dublin Society, and by Him presented to that Society. In Philosophical Transactions. Vol. xv., no 167, pp. 849—853, 28 January, 1685.

Birch says that at the meeting of the Royal Society held 10 Dec., 1684, "upon mentioning sixty-three miscellaneous experiments proposed by Sir William Petty as desiderata, a paper containing them, which had latterly been printed at Dublin, was read, and being very well approved of, was ordered to be reprinted here." Hist. of the Roy. Soc., iv. 346. I have not found a copy of the Dublin issue.

[17 a.]An | essay | Concerning the | Multiplication of Mankind: | Together with another | essay | in | Political Arithmetick,| Concerning the Growth of the | City of London: | with the | Measures, Periods, Causes, and Con-|sequences thereof. 1682. | The Second Edition Revised and Enlarged. | By Sir William Petty, | Fellow of the Royal Society. | Licensed, Rob. Midgeley. | Jan. 9. 1686.

London: Printed for Mark Pardoe, at the Black Raven | over against Bedford-house in the Strand. 1686.

Title, 1 l., pp. 1—50, 8°. —— On p. 50, after "finis," is this advertisement: "Observations on the Doublin Bills of Mortality mdclxxxi., and the State of that City, by Sir William Petty, Fellow of the Royal Society. Sold by Mark Pardoe at the Black Raven in the Strand." See pp. xlii, liii of the Introduction.

[17b—g.]See 26 a—e, 27.

[18 a.]Deux essays | d'arithmetique politique, | touchant | les villes | de | Londres | et | Paris. | Dediés au roy, | Par le Chevalier Petty, de la Société Royale.