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Bibliography of the Printed Writings of

Bar; and J Hooke, at the Flower-|de-Luce, against St. Dunstans-Church in Fleet-Street, 1719.

Title, 1 l., dedication, 2 ll., preface, 1 l., contents, 3 ll., errata, 1 l., pp. 1—223, followed by Verbum sapienti, pp. 1—26, signatures continuous, 8°.

[24 c.]Same, 1691 edition, in A | collection | of | Tracts and Treatises | illustrative of the | natural history, antiquities, | and the | Political and Social State | of | Ireland, | At various periods prior to the present Century. | In two volumes. | Vol. ii. | Treatises by Sir William Petty, Bishop Berkeley, Prior, | and Dobbs. | With an Index.

Dublin: | reprinted by | Alex. Thom & sons, Abbey-Street. | MDCCCLXI [1861]. 8°.——Pp. 1—144.

This Collection was compiled by Mr Thom. Cf. Webb, Irish Biography, 594.

[24 d.]See 27.

[25.]An | account | Of several | New Inventions and Improvements | Now necessary for England, | In a Discourse by way of letter | to the | Earl of Marlbourgh [sic], | Relating to | Building of our English Shipping, | Planting of Oaken Timber in the Forrests, | Apportioning of Publick Taxes, | The Conservacy of all our Royal Rivers, in | particular that of the Thames, | The Surveys of the Thames, &c. | Herewith is also published at large | The Proceedings relating to the Mill'd-|Lead-sheathing, and the Excellency and | cheapness of Mill'd-Lead in preference to | Cast Sheet-Lead for all other purposes | whatsoever. | Also | A Treatise of naval philosophy, writ-|ten by Sir Will. Petty. | The whole is submitted to the Consideration of our English | Patriots in Parliament Assembled.

London, Printed for James Astwood, and are to | be Sold by Ralph Simpson at the Harp in St. Pauls | Church-yard. MDCXCI [1691].

1 l., recto blank, verso imprimatur 6 March, 1690, title, 1 l., table 6 ll., pp. i—cxxv. followed by:

The New Invention of mill'd lead for Sheathing of Ships against the Worm... London, Printed in the year 1691.

Title, 1 l., table, 8 ll., pp. 1—132, 2 folded sheets, 12°. The signatures are continuous from p. 1 through the unnumbered'll. following the second title-page, likewise from the second p. 1 to the end. Contains, beginning at p. 117:

A | Treatise | of | Naval Philosophy. | In three parts. | I. A Phisico-Mathematical Dis- | course of Ships and Sailing. | II. Of Naval Policy. | III. Of Naval Oeconomy or | Husbandry.