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Bibliography of the Printed Writings of

[26 e.]Cassell's national library. | Essays | on | Mankind and Political | Arithmetic. | By | Sir William Petty. | [Woodcut.]

Cassell & Company, Limited, 104 & 106 Fourth Avenue, New York. [1888.]

Pp. [i]—192. —— Forms Vol. iii. no. 145 of Cassell's National Library. Edited with an introduction by H[enry] M[orley]. Reprinted from the 1699 edition of the Several Essays, with the omission of the Political Arithmetick, for which is substituted (pp. 133—192) an account "Of the people of England. Founded upon the calculations of Gregory King, Lancaster Herald, and forming part of 'An essay [by Charles Davenant] upon the probable methods of making a people gainers in the balance of trade,' published in 1699." There is also an issue with the imprint London, Paris, New York and Melbourne.

[27.]Tracts; | chiefly relating to | Ireland. | Containing: | I. A Treatise of taxes and contri-|butions. | II. Essays in political arithmetic. | III. The political anatomy of Ireland. | By the late Sir William Petty. | To which is prefixed | his last will. | [Ornament.]

Dublin: | Printed by Boulter Grierson, Printer to the | King's Most Excellent Majesty. | MDCCLXIX [1769].

Pp. i—xxiv. 1—488, 8°. —— The Treatise of Taxes is reprinted from the edition of 1679 (6 c), the Essays from that of 1699 (26 a), the Political Anatomy from that of 1719 (24 b).

[28.]Of making cloth with sheeps wool. In History of the Royal Society... By Thomas Birch... Vol. i.

London: Printed for A. Millar in the Strand. MDCCLVI [1756]. 4°.——Pp. 55—65.

[29.]The Elements of Ireland, and of its Religion and Policy, by Sir William Petty, Fellow of ye Royal Society, 1687. (Printed in part in W. H. Hardinge's paper On an Unpublished Essay on Ireland, by Sir William Petty, 1687, in The Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy. Volume xxiv. Antiquities.

Dublin: Published by the Academy. 1873. 4°.——Pp. 371—377.)

[30].What a Compleat Treatise of Navigation should contain. Drawn up in the Year 1685, by Sir William Petty, late Fellow of the Royal Society. In Philosophical Transactions, Vol. xvi. no. 198, pp. 657—658, March, 1693.

[31.]History | of the | Cromwellian survey of Ireland, | a.d. 1655—6, | commonly called "The Down Survey." | Edited, | from