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Supplement to the Bibliography of Petty's Works.


    1665. Verbum Sapienti,
and the value of
People [24].
English Translation of Hermes, per Alex.
1667. Lawsuits.
1668. Poemata Glanarita.
1669. Severall Latine Epigrams.
1670. Anatomia Politica Hiberniæ [24].
1671. Political Arithmetick [23].
1682. Quantulumcunque concerning money [10].

This list does not mention all the works which Petty wrote before 1682, and on the other hand it mentions some (e.g. in 1655, 1667) which were not written works at all. Two entries appear of what might be economic pamphlets. Of one, the "Discourse about Registry," 1661, I have found no trace. The other, the "Discourse against transplanting into Connaught," is described by Lord Edmond Fitzmaurice as a pamphlet entitled "A Discourse against the Transplantation into Connaught," of which two editions are said to have been published at London, both anonymously, one in January and one in March, 1665.—Life of Petty, 32. A more exact title seems to be:

The great | case | of transplantation | in | Ireland | discussed: | or, | Certain Considerations, wherein the | many great inconveniencies in the transplan-|ting the Natives of Ireland generally out of the three | Provinces of Leinster, Ulster, and Munster, into | the Province of Connaught, are shewn. | Humbly tendered to every individual Member | of Parliament, by a Well-wisher to the good of the Common-wealth of England. | [Ornament.]

London, Printed for John Cook, and are to be sold at | his shop at the sign of the Ship in St. Paul's | Churchyard. 1665.

Title, 1 l., pp. 1—32, 4º. There is also another edition having a title-page like the above in wording and disposition, but from different type, and this imprint: London, Printed for I. C., 1655.

In criticism of this pamphlet was published:

The interest of England in the Irish Transplantation, stated: Wherein is held forth to all concerned in Ireland's good settlement the benefits the Irish Transplantation will bring to each of them in