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List of Books and Manuscripts used.

within the cognizance of the Bills of Mortality. London, 1665. xliii, lxxx, lxxxi, lxxxviii, lxxxix, 342, 407, 408, 426—428, 660.

[Besonge, Nicolas.] The present state of France, containing the orders, dignities and charges of that kingdom. Written in French and faithfully Englished. London, 1671. 252, 291.

Bevan, W. L. Sir William Petty, a study in English economic literature. New York, 1894. xxxix, xlvi, xlviii, lxi, lxii, 378, 625.

Biographica Britannica. 2nd ed. London, 1778—93. 7 vols. xxxix, 318.

Birch, Thomas. Court and times of Charles I. [really ed. by R. F. Williams, not by Birch]. London, 1848. 2 vols. 365.

——— History of the Royal Society. London, 1756—57. 4 vols. xxii, xxvii, xxxvi, 3, 238, 317, 324, 432, 522, 525, 526, 622.

Bohm-Bawerk, E. von. Capital and interest, transl. by Smart. London, 1890. lxxiv.

Boislisle, A. M. Mémoire sur la généralité de Paris. Paris, 1881. 506.

Botero, Giovanni. A treatise concerning the causes of the magnificence of cities, English by R. Peterson. London, 1606. 505.

Boyle, R. Works, ed. by T. Birch. London, 1772. 6 vols. xiii, xv, xliii, lvi, 118.

British Merchant (The), or commerce preserved. London, 1721. 3 vols. 252.

Burnet, Gilbert. History of his own time. 2nd ed. Oxford, 1833. 6 vols. xli, 71.

Burroughs, Sir John. The sovereignty of the British seas. London, 1651. 257.

Burrows, M. Register of the visitors of the University of Oxford, 1647 to 1658. London (Camden Society), 1881. xv, xix, 210.

Bushe, Gervase Parker. Essay towards ascertaining the population of Ireland. (In Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy, Vol. iii., science. Dublin, 1790.) 142.

Cabinet portrait gallery of British worthies. London, 1846. xxiv.

Caius, John. Counseill against the sweate, 1552. (Repr. in Hecker, Epidemics of the middle ages. London, 1859.) lxxxi.

Calendar of State Papers. See State Papers.

Camden, William. Britannia. 2nd ed. by Gibson. London, 1772. 155.

[Capel.] Letters written by his excellency Arthur Capel, Earl of Essex, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, in 1675. London, 1770. xiii, xxiv, xxvii, 186, 216, 497.

Carte, Thomas. The life of James, duke of Ormond. Oxford, 1851. 6 vols. (Cited by original pagination.) xx, xxvi—xxviii, xliii, 3, 8, 136, 161, 163, 186, 190, 195, 319, 613.

Carte Papers (MSS.), Bodleian Library, xxiii.

Catalogue of MSS., state papers and autograph letters received by Sir R. Southwell, the property of Lord De Clifford, deceased. Sold by Christie. London, 1834. lvii, 123, 590.