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The Plague.


1636 there were of Infants 1895, and of the Convulsions 709; in both 2604, by which it appears, that this difference is likely to be only a confusion in the Accounts.

50. Moreover, we find that for these later years, since 1636, the total of Convulsions and Chrysoms added together are much less, viz. by about 400 or 500 per Annum, than the like Totals from 1629 to 36, which makes me think, that Teeth also were thrust in under the Title of Chrysoms and Infants, inasmuch as in the said years, from 1629 to 1636, the number of Worms and Teeth wants by above 400 per Annum of what we find in following years. |46|


Of the Plague.

1.  BEfore we leave to discourse of the Casualties, we shall add something concerning that greatest Disease or Casualty of all, The Plague.

There have been in London, within this Age, four times of great Mortality, that is to say, the years 1592 and 1593, 1603, 1625 and 1636.

[1]There died Anno 1592. from March to December, 25886
Whereof of the Plague 11503
Anno 1593, 17844
Whereof of the Plague 10662
Christned in the said year 4021
Anno 1603, within the same space of time, were Buried 37294
Whereof of the Plague 30561
Anno 1625, within the same space 51758
Whereof of the Plague 35417
Anno 1636, from April to Decemb. 23359
Whereof of the Plague 10460 |47|
  1. On the trustworthiness of the following figures see the notes to the "Table shewing how many died weekly," p. 426.